Growosity is led by Barry Rabkin, MBA an award-winning growth strategist and 40 under 40, with 15 years of success ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. Barry has founded, grown, and sold multiple startups, and launched and promoted over 100 products that have sold millions of units. Helping people and companies grow is Barry's favorite thing to do. Learn more about Barry's background.


Apps & Software as a Service (SaaS)

"Barry has been working with me and my team at BlastPoint and has been invaluable in helping us navigate the world of digital marketing. Barry has so much experience to draw from, and is so good at translating it into a concrete plan my team and I can follow. He has been absolutely fantastic to work with: responsive, thorough, and really knows his stuff. Highly recommend him."

Tomer Borenstein, Co-Founder & CTO of BlastPoint

"Barry has coached us for accelerator interviews and encouraged us with candid feedback on what we're doing well and what we could be doing better. We're now growing recurring revenue at a faster rate than we ever have. If you're building a startup, I highly recommend that you get Barry on your side."

Vivek Kumar, Founder & CEO of Teamforce AI

"You will never walk away without a handful of great actionable ideas after talking with Barry. His marketing expertise is definitely one of a kind. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for great insights in all aspects of marketing."

Ryan Green, Co-Founder & CEO of Gridwise

Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics & Hardware

"What makes Barry's advice powerful stems from the fact that he has personally helped high growth tech startups grow from a few clients to the double digits. Barry helps us identify issues that pertain to us to that particular moment and cut away the noise of things that we don't need to focus on in the immediate future. Barry is always willing to go the distance to help with valuable advice and connections. Highly recommended!"

Andy Chan, Founder & CEO of VIT (Acquired by Sword Health in '21)

"Barry is an awesome coach and mentor for other entrepreneurs. He has given my startup Gecko Robotics invaluable information which has propelled our success and landed us a spot in Y Combinator's Winter class."

Troy Demmer, COO of Gecko Robotics

"Barry was great at working with the tech team to understand the product and provide feedback to influence the product roadmap. He is a strong leader that always makes the most of limited resources to make the biggest impact. He is an incredibly enthusiastic team player and I look forward to working with him again."

Steven Blass, CTO of Identified Technologies (Acquired by Alpine 4 Holdings: ALPP in '21)

Consulting Groups & Agencies

"Barry takes the time to not only listen, but to empathetically understand client goals on a deep level. He supports and empowers others with his optimism and belief in their potential. Barry is an extremely driven individual who fully commits to mastering the craft of any challenge he takes on. He is an excellent teacher and communicator, and I highly recommend him as an advisor and mentor."

Casandra McDonald, Founder of McDonald Design

"Working with Barry was not only an enjoyable experience, it also really worked! I sought him out to refine my company's positioning and marketing strategy to power my business's next stage of growth. His process let us quickly close the gaps between my customer's needs and my services, impact, and messaging. Barry uncovered the key insights that we needed to align and confidently communicate my company's value. I now have a differentiated, effective marketing strategy and a clear and concise value proposition that resonates with my audience. I will continue to work with Barry as I have seen that he truly has my best interests at heart and delivers on everything that he promises to do."

Steven Nathenson, Founder & CEO of Strive For More

"Barry is the quintessential full-stack marketing professional. He can create campaigns from scratch, manage events, content, and digital marketing. He knows social, conversion, and how to measure success. He's by far the nicest person I have worked with. He's a lifelong learner, and his enthusiasm is infectious."

Deborah Eisenberg, Co-Founder of TechStarts

E-Commerce & Physical Products

"Working with Barry is a real help for any entrepreneur. Barry has a good understanding of new trends in social media marketing, e-commerce, and growth hacking. His knowledge and experience marketing was very helpful in forming a high-level strategy to help grow my business."

Benjamin Saks, Founder & CEO of KerfCase

"Barry is a great person to work with. He is committed to ensuring the team is working effectively and efficiently to achieve goals. Barry has excellent communication skills and his enthusiasm is contagious. I was very impressed with his portfolio upgrade work on the Ore-Ida brand."

Josie Landon, Senior Sensory Scientist of Kraft Heinz

"Barry brings everything to the table, from organizations and systems to leadership and expertise. His personality and positive energy are contagious in the best ways. His consulting has had immediate impacts on our business for the short and long term. If you are looking to grow your business, work with someone who truly cares about taking you to the next level, and getting outstanding results… Barry is your guy."

Matthew Renzi, Co-Founder & CEO of GroupStay

Non-Profits & Social Impact

"Barry understands the unique and complex needs of non-profits, has a strong mix of broad marketing strategy and hands-on tech/analytical skills, and enthusiastically takes initiative to identify and positively impact high value opportunities like our recent rebranding, new website, and commercialization of an agency entrepreneurial initiative. And he's a lot of fun to work with!"

Jordan Golin, President & CEO of JFCS PGH

"Barry has been an incredible asset to our work launching a new app that supports successful outcomes for programs that help seniors maintain independence in the community. Barry has lent his expertise to guide our non-profit to have business focused outcomes, while still maintaining our mission-driven work. He is an out-of-the-box thinker, an insightful driver towards progress and a kind and thoughtful person. His balance of being a start-up innovator, a strategic thinker and an impassioned supporter of our mission is invaluable!"

Dana Gold, COO of JFCS PGH

"Barry is, hands down, one of the smartest marketing minds I have ever met. Thoughtful, action-oriented, strategic, and innovative, Barry has added immense insight into some of our thorniest strategic problems. I would recommend Barry for any marketing position that requires both strategic smarts and tactical brilliance."

Adam Hertzman, Marketing Director of Federation PGH

Personal Branding & Career Development

"Barry's recommendations on everything from networking to professional relationship-building to salary negotiation and job hunting have been spot on. When I face a crucial professional decision, I always check in with Barry. He is realistic while still being supportive and his experience spans big corporations to small, dynamic startups."

Christina Keffer, Vice President of Chemistry

"Barry has been a tremendous resource for me. His advice and guidance are invaluable for crafting application essays, preparing for job interviews, and negotiating offers. He is the first person I turn to when I have concerns or questions regarding my career. Barry is always fully engaged, considerate and positive. I strongly recommend his services for anyone in need of professional coaching."

Michael Fruhwald, Vice President of BNY Mellon

"Barry is a great coach and mentor. He has been very helpful in preparation for both phone and face-to-face interviews as well as reviewing resumes. He really took the time to get a feel for my work history and help me get the most important points across. His interview prep help was extraordinary and left me feeling very confident about my abilities as well as less stressed overall."

Kaitlyn Marcinek, Product Manager of Inkling